The "Fairytales" series seeks to explore fairytales and fairytale tropes from a feminist and progressive prospective. Moving beyond "fractured fairytales" or simple gender swaps, each photograph is layered with symbolic commentary on modern attitudes towards women, gender roles, the environment, economic justice, and societal expectations. The images mix modern elements with more classical fairytale fare. Backgrounds and most visual elements are toned in black and white to give a printed black and white storybook page effect, while the modern protagonists are in color (whether in fairytale or modern garb) to indicate their being inserted into the symbolic fairytale scene. The goal is to make the protagonists and some other elements feel modern and real, while most other elements of the image remain symbolic and anachronistic.
Image Titles (L to R, by row): 1. Fairytales, 2. The Forbidden Door, 3. Beauty And The Beast, 4. The Troll Under The Bridge, 5. Gaea Overwhelmed, 6. The Rescue
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