This series celebrates my night photography. The night holds both mystery and often fears for many people. Very few venture out at night, or when we do, we surround ourselves with light. Despite its growing popularity, night photography is still a frontier for making fresh images. Our ability to control what light does occur opens up a host of creative possibilities.
Image Titles (L to R, by row): 1. Adirondack Ger, 2. Timey Wimey Stuff, 3. Eternal Night, 4. Bi-Cycle, 5. It Don't Mean A Thing..., 6. Grecian, 7. Grey Matter, 8. Hitchcock Church, 9. Keene Barn Moonlight, 10. Light Show, 11. Monumental Death, 12. Cold And Warm, 13. Moonflowers, 14. I've Got No Strings, 15. Moonlight Repose, 16. Night Swing, 17. Obelisk Transmitting, 18. Inner Light, 19. Ravenel Bridge Twilight, 20. Screened, 21. Starlight Barn, 22. The Path, 23. Tidal Basin Twilight, 24. Water You Doing?, 25. Splash

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