This series takes images from my nature photography and uses them to further explore the beauty and patterns found in nature. Distractions are removed, elements are repeated, colors changed and enhanced, and the photographs are abstracted to their more graphic nature. These graphic depictions are used to illustrate natural processes, show the intricacy and detail of natural design, and/or illustrate the passage of time in the natural world.
Image Titles (L to R, by row): 1. DayGlo Dragonflies, 2. Forest For The Trees, 3. Hieroglyphs, 4. Fall Ring Cycle No. 3, 5. Supermoon Eclipse, 6. Fall Ring Cycle No. 2, 7. Hemispheric, 8. Snack Time, 9. Fall Ring Cycle No. 1, 10. Skimming The Dark, 11. Frogs Eyes

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